Sunday, September 23, 2012

MG Midget 1293 Stage 2 Engine

Perhaps, we are not familiar with MG cars out there because the common we used are the ones with smaller engines. Well, I’ve been some sort of project and I discovered that there are pretty a lot of advantages using the Stage 2 engine. Speaking of 2 cylinder head modified to large valve OE62 Rally Spec, this is actually one of the ideal mods that can be done to your MG since it has a high oil capacity pump that could take fuel efficiency to the next level. On the other hand, this could easily strip out engine and has balanced pistons and conrods. Aside from the fuel efficiency, there is a huge difference onto the performance in comparison with other car brands out there. Based on the observation did in 90 there is a process happened using the said engine creating auto tuned exhaust and fast camshaft fitted.

Aside from the engine, it happened that most MG midgets can be easily engaged to comprehensive detailing. In other words, you could get into the modification as much as you wish. 

Moreover, mg midget parts are now accessible using the internet service. You can choose the one that best fit on your car or just let your mechanic decide what he thinks is good. As much thing, there are also service centers where you can pay the amount they decide just to fulfill your expectation. Besides, you can have discounted parts using coupons offered by auto retailers out there. The rest would be taken for granted since you’ll gonna be able to come up with OEM parts truly designed by the manufacturer. In the mere time, despite MG has lost its value in the past there are still enthusiasts dedicated with the said car model but we can’t blame them. It’s their passion!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Toyota Corolla As Ever Before

Owning a  Toyota Corolla car  is such  a treasure for many car enthusiast. Not just because of the designs and the features Toyota Corolla cars have but also because of the ease of driving and thrill that you would get in having it. However, time will always come where Toyota Corolla parts need to be replaced and you need to find a dealer offering the parts you are longing for.

And the problem is that you have nowhere to turn to. It’s true that seeking for a reliable dealer is difficult but with the advancement in the technology today, replacement parts can be found using the internet access.  There are a lot of them. Some offer discount coupons to entice customers in buying replacement parts.

The question is how to find OEM items without encountering frauds? Well, you can check out review and testimonials from other buyers. In this way you will able to figure out which shops are reputable and which are not. Also, you should always look for the return policy. Some dealers come up with a wrong delivery and hence you need to always assure, the amount you paid for would be returned to you just in case you encounter the same thing while shopping.

There are a lot of websites out there. However, always bear in mind that not all of them have the same quality of products and it’s your duty to find out what parts best fit to you vehicle.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Continuation Of Ford MKX Lincoln

I haven't been in an MKX in a while, and walking up to this trucklet in the parking garage, I didn't quite recognize it. But then, I have the idea that ford, the auto maker of this model has already continued the production for this year. I like the look of the sheetmetal, and the color played well on this ride. Inside, it was nice to see the new MyLincoln Touch system, a software truly meant for vehicles like this and even if I am still getting used to it. The controls on either side of the steering wheel are user-friendly and help you more or less keep your eyes on the road. The materials are all very nice, the seats are comfy and offer good bolstering, and there is good cargo space. I would like more legroom up front and the ability to lower the seats.
I think the new layout looks much cleaner, and the controls are fairly easy to use--once you figure out where everything is. I felt as if I was sitting on the vehicle at times, instead of inside it. The power liftgate was also a plus. The V6 offers good power on both the expressway and around town. But the steering felt heavy at times, and turning felt tight. The brakes are strong, and the MKX handled well in some snowy, windy conditions. Good thing about this model most is that there is nothing to worry about the maintenance since there are now available replacement parts for this vehicle.

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Friday, August 17, 2012


It is true that every time we got into the big trouble on our vehicles, we always rely on replacement parts. However there are times wherein we don’t have the idea what brand we should put into consideration. In this case we should not have a second thought to come up with an excellent brand like Bosal car parts. Basically, this brand has originated from the North America and the place has been known as the home of bosal parts. As dealership, Bosal most of the time deal with exhaust parts and replacement.. these days, you could find a lot of bosaal parts on online retailers and they are sorted depending on the year make and model of your car. There are also installation manual issued by them for drivers to come up with an easy-to-follow guides that don’t have to be confused of the thing they should do especially in terms of the car maintenance.
In times of car troubles, it is not always advisable to go with the cheap ones as some of them have several issues on the ripped offs and they are not trusted by many experts. When looking for parts it is always advisable to come up with the OEM ones and as much as possible avoid the aftermarket ones. It is always good if you look for the dealership reputation. Bosal has been in business for so long and they are not almost reaching the peak of their success with those efficient parts that are used by many.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Seasons of Jeep

Jeep has been a known brand to many. With so many options out there, drivers would surely enjoy driving. One of the sophisticated models is the Cherokee, the rarest one as well. Just recently, Chrysler has launched a newer version of Cherokee, which has amazed the public most especially in United States. It has been upgraded with touch screen navigational system, radio presets and other amazing features that won’t see with others of the same types. It is also equipped with V6 engine that could produce upto 20MPG and could run on its standard speed limit.

Other features could be found on the exterior portion such as the lights, the wheels and the front end. It’s really different from older models. However then, despite the advantage this one has, we cannot deny the fact that many people are still reassembling their jeeps and searching for Jeep parts out there. Well, they’re still in production as of today. For those who are looking for parts, the online community is the best way in finding them. Just search the keyword using Google and thousands of results would appear. On the other hand, there are still local junkyards that offer replacement parts. Only then, there are the ones that are used and some of them were already damaged.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Jaguar XJ – Mind Blowing Appearance This year!

Drivers have been proactive with what is happening in the automotive world today and you know what there were some drives that could truly grab their attention these days and one of them is the Jaguar XJ which have been present several years ago. Basically, this is one of the comprehensive models ever. XJ actually falls once when it comes to driving dynamics and people have been disappointed with the said model. On the other hand, it has truly a different interface these days and many have been enticed. There were some innovations made by the auto maker for XJ to meet up the requirements of the customers.  
XJ mainly features a powerful engine that could not only take driving level to its max but would also bring up the finest performance ever. There were also additional features that could be seen on the interior portion of the vehicle. As for the fuel consumption there might be an issue though the auto maker is now taking their journey to come up with the diesel engine and could drive Jaguar to its succeeding years.  On one side, there is a rumor that the automatic version would be out in the market later this year of which could again boost up the automaker’s reputation. It’s not just the vehicles they are dealing these days though since there were service centers being scattered in several countries to help up some recalls with the parts and issues of drivers to their vehicles. There are also online guides being issued by Jaguar for drivers not to rush things on the go. For the upcoming years to come it is expected that XJ would again appear on the stage with it latest version.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ford Focus: Taking Driving To The Next Level

For almost 22 years in business Ford have consistently been at the forefront of technological advancements and servicing people with all their means.For the upcoming years to come, it is expected that their reputation will boost as their revenue do for the past years. But this year's even would be a different thing since the latest Focus would appear on the center stage showing off the performance that have never seen before and to mention some of the features ford has claimed top honors on the U.S. As such your driving habits will help determine whether you’ll be able to go further than the Ford’s EPA approved 76-mile range. Ford says that a Focus Electric may be driven up to 100 miles on a single charge. Another thing is the advanced features that would be seen on the vehicle include the safety peripherals of which demanded by many consumers to other vehicle models. 

Environmental Protection Agency’s fuel efficiency list, exceeding 100 miles per gallon and the focus is here present with the diesel engine helping consumers saving gas especially these days where economic crisis is still on going. . Basically this is  the Festival of Speed is Europe’s premier historic motor sporting event that will be held in Europe. On the other hand there is a testimony from the  the Detroit automaker announced that the EPA had certified its 2012 Ford Focus Electric with 110 miles per gallon equivalent MPG city rating and 99 MPGe on the highway.

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